2022 Champions Crowned

2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned
2022 Champions Crowned

Charleston Speedway, Charleston, Illinois 9/27/2022
For Immediate Release:
2022 Champions Declared.

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the regular season of The Charleston Speedway ended and the 59th annual season track Champions of The Charleston Speedway were crowned. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, car counts were great and the fans that came out to enjoy the event were phenomenal! The pits were packed with 99 cars signing in 7 different divisions. There were 4 divisions that qualified, resulting in the following QUICK TIME Winners:
Everett Bradham in DIRTcar Modified
Brayden Doyle in DIRTcar Pro Modified
Zane Reitz in DIRTcar Street Stock
Kyle McMahon in Charleston Limited Late Model

As soon as Qualifying concluded, those in attendance were able to hear the amazing guitar playing of 14yo Cullen Price of Mattoon, IL as he played the Greatest Song in The United States, The National Anthem. Cullen is a very talented young man who has worked hard at mastering the electric guitar; and his efforts were very apparent as his performance was AWESOME!

Heat races in all divisions took place to determine the Feature Event line-ups. The following are a list of heat race winners in their respective divisions:
DIRTcar Modified: Dustin King; Heat #1 - Deece Schwartz; Heat #2
DIRTcar Pro Modified: Deece Schwartz; Heat #1 - Gabe Menser; Heat #2
DIRTcar Street Stock: Tanner Sullivan; Heat #1 - Braiden Keller; Heat #2
DIRTcar Factory Stock: Mike Reitz; Heat #1 - Randy Smyser; Heat #2
DIRTcar Hornet: Airn McRill; Heat #1
Charleston Limited Late Model: Kyle McMahon; Heat #1 - Josh Jackson; Heat #2
Kid Modz: Kaylynn Eskew; Heat #1

The Heat race finishes set-up the Feature starting positions and the fans were in for a TREAT! Tons of action packed, side-by-side, 3 and 4 wide racing, last laps passes and multiple lead exchanges. Every feature race produced exciting racing action as the track slicked off, turned black and become every racers dream, dry slick and multiple lanes to race in.
Here’s a list of the top 5 finishers in each division:
DIRTcar Modified: 1st Justin Jones #55; 2nd Deece Schwartz #62e; 3rd Kenny Carmichael Sr. #92; 4th Kaleb Wood #72w; 5th Kyle Laughlin #192

DIRTcar Pro Modified: 1st Deece Schwartz #121; 2nd Gabe Menser #44; 3rd Steve Phillips #24s; 4th Scott Dunlap #79; 5th Brayden Doyle #2

DIRTcar Street Stock: 1st Nick Miller #30; 2nd Megan Erwin #14; 3rd Braiden Keller #K67Jr; 4th Jesse Simmons #42; 5th Jordan Smith #13

DIRTcar Factory Stock: 1st Randy Smyser #X; 2nd Gary Walker #98; 3rd Ben Williams #74; 4th JR Wiltermood #76; 5th Mike Reitz

DIRTcar Hornet: 1st Josh Wright #22; 2nd Dee Friar #19; 3rd Evan Bradham #777; 4th Airn McRill #44DD; 5th Donald Friar #68

Charleston Limited Late Model: 1st Kyle McMahon #45; 2nd Donnie Cheesman #72; 3rd Morgan Staggs #7s; 4th Derek Smith #14; 5th Jammie Wilson #61

Kid Modz: 1st Brenden Heizer #4; 2nd Kaylynn Eskew #4J

As the final checkered flag fell on the Championship Season, The 2022 Charleston Speedway Champions were determined; but not without a complication that at least warrants some explanation.
In our DIRTcar Hornet division, Dee Friar in the #19 and Josh Wright in the #22 have raced hard all season. Their teams have put in the effort and it showed up on the track and in their finishes! When the final flag fell on September 24th, Josh Wright won the Feature and Dee Friar finished 2nd. That finish gave both gentlemen 319 points each….they were tied for the Championship! The Charleston Speedway officials immediately consulted with officials from the sanctioning body, DIRTcar, as to how to properly break the tie. DIRTcar officials informed that the current practice used is to look at each drivers 2nd place finishes, and possibly 3rd and 4th place finishes, if the tie continues. Upon review, Dee Friar had (6) 2nd place finishes while Josh Wright had 2. The tie was broken and Dee Friar declared the DIRTcar Hornet 2022 Charleston Speedway Track Champion. The points battle is over, and here are the Top 5 in each division:
DIRTcar Modified DIRTcar Pro Modified
1st Ed Roley #95 1st Deece Schwartz #121
2nd Justin Jones #55 2nd Gabe Menser #44
3rd Kenny Carmichael Sr. #92 3rd Scott Dunlap #79
4th Matt Dillon #389 4th Brayden Doyle #2
5th Everett Bradham #37 5th Bryce Farr #23og

DIRTcar Street Stock DIRTcar Factory Stock
1st Jesse Simmons #42 1st Wally Kerst #65
2nd Nick Miller #30 2nd Mike Reitz #27
3rd Josh Griffith #97 3rd Randy Smyser #X
4th Megan Erwin #14 4th Gary Russell #71R
5th Dalton Mannin #14D 5th Steve Nolen 66JR

DIRTcar Hornet Charleston Limited Late Model
1st Dee Friar #19 1st Morgan Staggs #7s
2nd Josh Wright #22 2nd Mike Staggs #7
3rd Donald Friar #68 3rd Nathan Spain #20
4th Airn McRill #44DD 4th Donnie Cheesman #72
5th Evan Bradham #777 5th Ron Smith #52

Kid Modz
1st Brenden Heizer #4
2nd Kaylynn Eskew #4J
3rd Keatin Lyons #3X
4th Erin Boesdorfer #B8
5th Jace Kleine #K66

The 59th Consecutive Season at The Charleston Speedway has been an AMAZING season thus far and we still have 2 shows left.
The 9th Annual DIRTcar Fall Nationals for Street Stock and Factory Stock will happen on Saturday, October 1st at The Charleston Speedway. DIRTcar Hornets, Limited Late Models and Kid Modz will also be competing at this event.
Then our final event of the season will happen on Saturday, October 8th . This event will have ALL 6 divisions competing, as well as our Powder Puff and Mechanics race following the main feature events. This is sure to be an exciting event where the ladies get a chance to get behind the wheel and see what they can do; additionally, the mechanics on the teams will get their chance to show their skills off!! As if that were not enough--We will have Trunk or Treat for the kids, BEFORE the races and it is FREE. Kids must be accompanied by an adult. They will get a chance to get up close and personal to ALL the cars and drivers in the pit area. Drivers are encouraged to bring treats to pass out and be ready to meet and greet our greatest fans----The Children of the Charleston Speedway.
Congratulations to ALL of our Champions, and to all our teams that have worked so hard this season. Thank you to each and every person that has been to the Speedway this season to support all of our efforts. Don’t STOP now….we have 2 more events for you!!
Mark your calendar now for The DIRTcar Fall Nationals on Saturday, October 1st and our Final night of 2022, Saturday, October 8th. Both events are sure to be another GREAT night of racing at The Charleston Speedway.
See you at the races real soon---

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