Driver Appreciation Night Big Hit; DIRTcar Factory Stock Randy Smyser wins 6 in a row; Deece Schwartz takes lead in Pro Modified points; DIRTcar Stree

Driver Appreciation Night Big Hit; DIRTcar Factory Stock Randy Smyser wins 6 in a row; Deece Schwartz takes lead in Pro Modified points; DIRTcar Stree
Driver Appreciation Night Big Hit; DIRTcar Factory Stock Randy Smyser wins 6 in a row; Deece Schwartz takes lead in Pro Modified points; DIRTcar Stree
Driver Appreciation Night Big Hit; DIRTcar Factory Stock Randy Smyser wins 6 in a row; Deece Schwartz takes lead in Pro Modified points; DIRTcar Stree
Driver Appreciation Night Big Hit; DIRTcar Factory Stock Randy Smyser wins 6 in a row; Deece Schwartz takes lead in Pro Modified points; DIRTcar Stree
Driver Appreciation Night Big Hit; DIRTcar Factory Stock Randy Smyser wins 6 in a row; Deece Schwartz takes lead in Pro Modified points; DIRTcar Stree


Yet another gorgeous night to be at The Charleston Speedway. 117 cars checked in, 12 DIRTcar Factory Stock, including local favorite, Randy Smyser. The night would start off on a high note for Smyser and end the exact same way. Smyser qualified fast time with a time of 18.070, which would start him pole position in Heat #1, after fending off the challenge from the #65 of Wally Kerst, Smyser would win heat #1. John Strawser would win heat 2, and place Smyser and Strawser on the front row of the Feature event. When the green flag flew, the #X car was on a mission to take the win, and he did just that. Flag to Flag, Randy Smyser captured his 6th Feature win in a row. Mike Reitz, after qualifying 5th and finishing 3rd in Heat 2, would start 5th in the Feature; but when the checkered flag fell, Reitz was able to rally back with a 2nd place finish. Josh Bonewitz, with a 6th place qualifying effort, and 6th in Heat 2, found himself starting 12th in the Feature. With a last lap pass, Bonewitz would cross the line in 5th, which was the most positions gained in that event! Going into the event, Steve Nolen was the point leader by 1 point. Even though Nolen finished on the podium, Smyser’s win would also give him the point lead by 4 points over Nolen. With 4 races left, this points battle is anything but over! Currently Smyser is leading with 4 points over Nolen, while Nolen is 49 points ahead of Reitz who is currently sitting in 3rd. The DIRTcar Factory Stock drivers put on an outstanding race and if you weren't able to attend in person, you can watch it here:

With temps holding in the 80’s and low humidity, coupled with winds out of the South, race fans couldn’t ask for better conditions to take in DIRTcar Racing at The Charleston Speedway! The temps were excellent, and the south winds ensured the grandstand viewers would not suffer with dirt blowing directly into the stands. The wind also aided in helping make the track dry slick from the top to the bottom with somewhat of a curb on the top side. Brad Agney and his track prep crew continue killing it, week in and week out. Dads of the KIDMODZ Division were absolutely envious of the racing surface, wishing they were back in the car so they could race on it. 26 DIRTcar Pro Modified drivers checked in including both 1st and 2nd place DIRTcar Pro Modified National Point leaders. These two young men are arguably the best in the business right now, always up front, winning races and cashing checks! Bryce Farr continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Farr qualified quick time with a time of 15.727, Scott Dunlap was 2nd quick with a time of 15.790, while John Nethery was 3rd quick with a time of 15.997. Bryce Farr would start P1 of Heat 1, unfortunately he would struggle with an ill handling race car that would relegate him to a 4thplace finish. JD Evans hit the setup perfectly, he was able to take the lead on lap 1 and never looked back. Even with a last lap challenge from Rob Fuqua, JD Evans would win Heat 1. Heat 2 win would go to Brayden Doyle, while John Nethery would go flag to flag in Heat 3. Heat race action in the books, top 15 cars locked into the Feature, we had to run a B Feature to get the final 5 cars to make the 20-car field. The 11 car B Feature would be brought to the green flag by Ethan Orman and Drew Schwartz, Orman would lead lap 1 while Schwartz was shuffled back to 3rd. Lap 2 was a different story, Drew Schwartz was able to gather his car up and take the lead away from Orman. Schwartz would go on to lead the rest and pick up the B Feature win. Ethan Orman 2nd, Darrin Kohler 3rd, Michael Donely 4th and taking the last transfer spot was Karson Evans. The 20-car field was set, and the fans were in for a real treat. Brayden Doyle took off with a commanding lead and looked to have the race in hand, leading the first 13 laps of the 15 lap Feature. Movers and shakers include the #78 of Maxx Emerson with a 14th starting to 8th finish, the #54C of Mason Lynch with a 11th starting to 7th finish, #5M of Randy McNeely with a 7th starting to 3rd finish, but none were better than Deece Schwartz 8th starting to 1st finish. Schwartz would finally catch Doyle on lap 13, make the pass and lead the last 2 laps. Doyle would have to settle for 2nd, but consistently running up front is why these two are at the TOP of The DIRTcar National Point standings. Deece Schwartz extends his Charleston Speedway Championship point lead over Brayden Doyle to 18 points, while Doyle is sitting 42 points ahead of 3rd place Gabe Menser. The DIRTcar Pro Modified division never disappoints, if you weren’t able to see it live, or want to relive the experience, you can watch the Pro Modified Feature here:

The DIRTcar Street Stock Division saw 16 entries. Jerrad Krick has been on quite a roll lately and Saturday night was no exception. Krick started the night off setting quick time with a time of 16.190, 2nd quick went to Jesse Simmons with a time of 16.232, followed by 3rd quick of Brad Peters with a time of 16.248. Krick would continue setting the pace by winning Heat 1 over Brad Peters and Josh Griffith, while Zane Reitz was able to find some speed and win Heat 2 over Jesse Simmons and Terry Reed. The 15 lap Feature was nothing short of exciting. Zane Reitz put his #55 car on the very top of the racetrack and was able to get the advantage over the #99K of Jerrad Krick. Reitz would lead the first part of the race, while Krick worked the low side like a pro. Krick was finally able to edge past Reitz and take the lead, once out front, Krick never looked back claiming his third straight win! Reitz was forced to settle for 2nd, while Jesse Simmons who started in P4, would work his way up and finish off the podium in 3rd. Shawn Edgar struggled early in the night, found himself starting 12th in the Feature, went to work and hustled his way up to finish 9th. Multiple lanes of racing, with Reitz and Krick running wheel to wheel and door to door for the entire race. DIRTcar Street Stock drivers always put on a great show at The Charleston Speedway. If you couldn’t make it out to see the DIRTcar Street Stock in action Saturday night, be sure to check it out here:

The DIRTcar Modified division is the fan favorite division at The Charleston Speedway. Saturday night displayed once again, why they are the favorite. 26 cars checked in, and the fans were in for a treat! Charlie Mefford from Benton Kentucky set the bar by qualifying #1 with a time of 14.117, followed by Ed Roley with a time of 14.155, and Brian Shaw rounded out the top 3 with a time of 14.236. The top 3 qualifiers were separated by a whopping 0.117 seconds. The competition in the DIRTcar Modified division is amazing! Charlie Mefford would bring Heat 1 to the green flag, unfortunately, he fired before the designated start zone, and at the lap 4 caution, would be forced to serve a 2-position penalty per the General Rules of The Charleston Speedway. This handed the lead to Deece Schwartz who made the most of his gift and went on to win Heat 1 over 2nd place Justin Jones and 3rd place Charlie Mefford. Heat 2 had Ed Roley and Kasey Schrock on the front row, Schrock was able to get past Roley to win Heat 2, while Rob Fuqua finished 3rd. Heat 3, had Brian Shaw and Kyle Laughlin on the front row. Shaw would end up leading all 8 laps over 2nd place Laughlin and 3rd place Matt Dillon. Heat races in the books, top 15 in the Feature were set, we were 5 short, so that meant a B Feature for the DIRTcar Modified division. Gordon Parsons Jr has been sidelined for most of the ‘23 season, but a late season connection with Jason Turner, Parsons has found himself behind the well of Turner’s #17. GPJ would start the B Feature P1, and liked being up front so much, he wheeled the #17 into victory lane. Peyton Anderson who started P2 alongside Parsons would have to settle for 2nd, with Don Kiger rounding out the podium in his #01 machine. Heat races done, B Feature finished, there was only one thing left: the 20 lap Feature. Pole sitter Deece Schwartz would bring them to the line with Kasey Schrock sharing the front row. The green flag flew, and the race was on. A turn 1 incident left Ed Roley pointed the wrong direction, the caution flew, field re-racked with Roley being sent to the tail; and we dropped the green again. The race was on, 3 and 4 wide racing throughout the field, because at this point the track had widened out so much it was black slick from top to bottom with a nice “cushion” to lean on. Justin Jones hustled his car right through the middle from his 4th starting spot to lead lap #1. Kasey Schrock committed to the top and was rippin’ the lip lap after lap. As if the racing wasn’t exciting and hair raising enough, late in the race we experienced a brief sprinkle of rain. The caution flew and it looked as if we would have to end the event short of the 20 lap distance, however, as quickly as it started, it ended. Race cars rolled in the tiny bit of moisture, and we were ready for a 5-lap shootout. Brian Shaw stalked Jones the entire event and was ready to take the lead. Shaw was able to lead laps 17 & 18 but Jones was not going to be denied. Jones passed Shaw with 2 to go and the rest is history. Jones would go on to claim his second victory of the 2023 season. Brian Shaw would have to settle for 2nd, while Mefford was able to make his way to the podium for his 7th starting position. The Hard Charger recognition goes to Chris Griggs for his run from 19th to 9th. Nice job Chris! Deece Schwartz would finish 4th and move past Kenny Carmichael Sr. in the Championship points standing. Kasey Schrock’s 5th place finish was enough to keep him in the lead by 16 points. DIRTcar Modifieds are the fan favorite at The Charleston Speedway and if you want to see why, click to watch the Feature here:

Next up is our last normal weekly points race. We do have 3 more Championship points races, but the last weekly race is this coming Saturday, August, 26, 2023. The Freaky 40 Topless race for DIRTcar Pro Modified is September 2, 2023 with a Monster Truck Racing League Show September 9, 2023. Write these very important dates on your calendar and make plans NOW to join us before it’s too late! Monster Truck Tickets are available on line, click here to order tickets now:

Here are your fast time qualifiers;
DIRTcar Modified, #13 Charlie Mefford; 14.117
DIRTcar Pro Modified, #95 Bryce Farr; 15.727
DIRTcar Street Stock, #99K Jerrad Krick; 16.190
DIRTcar Factory Stock, #X Randy Smyser; 18.070
DIRTcar Pro Late Model, #10C Colby Eller; 14.440

Your run down of Heat Race winners for August 12, 2023
DIRTcar Modified: #121 Deece Schwartz & #83 Kasey Schrock & #1S Brian Shaw
DIRTcar Pro Modified: #59 JD Carter Evans & #2 Brayden Doyle & #40J John Nethery
DIRTcar Street Stock: #99K Jerrad Krick & #55 Zane Reitz
DIRTcar Factory Stock: #X Randy Smyser & #11S John Strawser
DIRTcar Pro Late Model: #10C Colby Eller & #25 Dakota Ewing
DIRTcar Hornet: #58W Danny White Jr. & #35 Lynn Lash
DIRTcar KidModz: #3X Keatin Lyons

Here are the Feature Winners from Driver Appreciation Night:
DIRTcar Modified #55 Justin Jones
DIRTcar Pro Modified #121 Deece Schwartz
DIRTcar Street Stock #99K Jerrad Krick
DIRTcar Pro Late Model #25 Dakota Ewing
DIRTcar Factory Stock #X Randy Smyser
DIRTcar Hornets #28 Jimmy Dutlinger
DIRTcar KidModz #3X Keatin Lyons

DIRTcar Pro Late Model Feature can be watched by clicking here:
DIRTcar Hornet Feature can be watched by clicking here:
DIRTcar KidModz Feature can be watched by clicking here:
ALL Video credits to Zack Carter.

Be sure to check out, and purchase a few of the MANY photos that were taken at the Speedway right here:
ALL Photo credits to SRL Designs.


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