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HometownJacksonville, IL


Street Stocks
DIRTcar Late Models
Pro Late Model
Dirt Crate Late Models

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Rudy Zaragoza

About Rudy

Rudy is a deaf racer that lives to ride to the occasion. Rudy doesn't let anything stop him from doing what he loves, and that is driving race cars. As challenging as it may seem to be completely deaf and dirt track race, Rudy finds many ways to make his dreams become achievable. His biggest sense of enjoyment comes from the friends he has made at the track, there is nothing that he loves more than to catch a smile or wave from the other drivers at the track, or be able to lend a hand, tool, part, whatever he can do, that and the kids, meeting little kids and making them smile, that is what it is all about for Rudy.
So, if ya see him at the track , throw him a wave or a nod, and never hesitate to stop by and talk with him, we will make sure to help with that. Those are the things that make his day, well that and chasing those checkers !!


Rudy loves to spend time in the shop working on the race cars getting ready for the weekend.
Rudy also loves to make people laugh, he loves to play jokes or do funny things just to make people smile, even on their worst days.

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